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Your company might be at the verge of Data Meltdown?

Updated: Mar 1

Your company might be at the verge of Data Meltdown?

What is data meltdown?

Quality data is the focal point for your performance and account-based marketing campaigns. However, according to D&B annual b2b marketing data report, only 50% of B2B firms are confident in their organizational data. Often the volume & velocity of the data confuses the enterprise rather than creating an opportunity. When businesses are ready to make insight-worthy actions, revenue opportunities get lost.

*Signs you can check to know whether your company is facing a data meltdown?

Poor Data Quality

Can’t Take In All the Data

Not Enough Data

Inflexible Reports

Poor Feedback Cycles

Stale Data.

*How can you navigate through constant meltdowns to improve your campaigns?

Commit to improving data quality.

Assign the Chief Data Officer

Regulate data collection and mitigation process

Integrate marketing & sales data

Ensure data integrity.

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