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Why are B2B marketers stuck with stock images and business jargon?

Why are B2B marketers stuck with stock images and business jargon? Why don’t we use simpler words and an enticing design? Why don’t we understand their audience’s persona, characteristics, nature, & culture? Are they different at work and home? Sure, they behave differently in two different settings but they are the same!

Heli Kools, Director of BuzzMeter Digital Marketing agency advises industry leaders the same. “We overlooked the common motivations between the individual at work & home. Now, post-pandemic, the line has gotten thinner,” says Kools.

How can you influence post-pandemic individuals at work? Of course, the messaging would be different, however, the motivations and aspirations would be of the same range. Let’s start with ways to humanise B2B marketing.

  1. B2B communication needs to get creative, out of the box, and engaging. Elevate the output keeping individual profiles in mind. Our client, a leading education solution, gained the maximum engagement rate on LinkedIn.

2. Put emotions on the front row with informative messaging. Inspiration & motivation plays equally important both in B2C and B2B. Communicate how you can solve their pain points through your solutions.

3. Understand their friction/pain points and then position your brand in your messaging. How can they updo themselves by not just being average?

TIP: Stand out on a few platforms where your competitors aren’t there yet.

  1. Make AI your friend. There are solutions like Wordsmith, Copy AI, Chat GPT, and baremetrics to accompany your marketing goals and objectives. The tools are your friend & not a threat.

2. Fast is the way forward and not slow months to conceptualise a single concept, then working on producing it & then buying spaces in traditional media to make an impact. Keep your advertising & processes up to date.

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