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Why should you incentivize voluntary data sharing

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

With the mentions of the cookieless world, people are often worried about consumer data.

First-party consent cookies store the customer’s interactions with the website. To know more, we have two different assets with different motives.

- Interactive Content: A quiz, personalized guide to finding a product, survey, or another form of content can ask for the customer’s information not only for marketing purposes but also to help the buyer find the information they’re looking for

- Gated Content: Gated content is specialized, often long-form content that provides considerable value in exchange for information. The user agrees to provide their name, company name, interest in the content, e.t.c., and in exchange, they may receive a guide, research, or an especially instructive case study.

Know your funnel, and everything will fall into place.

We helped many clients get the desired results by introducing interactive and content to their ad mix

Why should you incentivize voluntary data sharing


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