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Is AI The Future of Marketing ?

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Marketers are rapidly jumping on the AI bandwagon. As per the International Data Corporation (IDC), companies have spent upwards of $5.9 billion on AI-based marketing systems.

Is AI The Future of Marketing ?

A few of the use cases include:

Programmatic buying

AI customer support


AI + Traditional Media

AI trial rooms

AI makeup trials

Content Generation

Why is it important?

It helps to improve ROI rates (engagement, consideration, and lead generation) while giving you the power of automation. It results in reduced costs, better customer journeys, and improved customer satisfaction.

Now, if you don't know whether to take this road or not, where to start, etc., a good starting point for the framework by HBR.

However, it not only improves the processes but also reduces the business operational cost in these inflated markets. Designing an AI marketing strategy will be the need of the hour.

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