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KPIs for Account-Based Marketing

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

KPIs for Account-Based Marketing

Are you facing difficulty in tracking the metrics of your account-based marketing strategies?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) requires different tactics than those used in traditional/inbound marketing. Here are some KPIs one must consider:

✅Conversions: Are you able to convert the traffic received from accounts into known and usable contacts?

✅Engagement: It is essential to focus on spreading engagement all over the account rather than focusing all energy on maintaining engagement with only 1-2 accounts.

✅People: Have you identified the right people in the account to focus on? And is your company able to engage with them?

✅Awareness: Is your target audience demonstrating awareness in your niche?

✅Appointments: Your sales team must come up with/update their tactics to get appointments and conversions with the target accounts.

Why must one focus on account-based marketing?

- A good ABM strategy can increase your revenue margins by up to 208%.

- With the incentive of a substantial ROI, more businesses are ready to indulge in ABM, making its predictive growth by up to 150%.

- It’s tried and tested: 97% of marketers achieved better results with ABM as compared to other marketing strategies.

- With ABM, 60% of companies have reported a growth of 10% within the first year itself.

- 82% of marketers witnessed a better alignment between their sales and marketing departments after implementing ABM strategies.

- It is expected that the global ABM market will surpass $1.6 billion by the year 2027.

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