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Programmatic advertising utilizes machine learning algorithms to sell & buy ad spaces automatically. Mix it with real-time bidding and hyper-targeted audiences so your business can launch campaigns with the utmost. We bridge the gap between the demand side platform and the supply side by partnering with top Ad exchanges like AdX. At BuzzMeter, we excel at creating interactive, video, and display ads keeping your audience segment's pain points and interests in mind. The entire service package will blow your reach, brand awareness, and consideration to the next level.

Native ads match the format of the media spaces where they appear. They feel like another piece of content from the publisher and does not feel like an ad. Unlike display banner ads, native ads don't interrupt the user’s flow. Additionally, we also carry out native video advertising campaigns for better engagement rates. We perform programmatic auctions for native ads to optimize return on ad spend. We want to improve your lead generation and awareness results. Our team strives for not only higher conversion rates but also considerably lower cost per visitor, impression, and acquisition.

Stuck at low organic results from social media? Wait no longer to dive in paid advertising across social media channels. With BuzzMeter, your brand can reach millions through the filtered audience. The right strategy will help you build brand awareness, increase engagement, and improve lead generation. Our social media experts help you create appealing mobile friendly ads to stand out in the crowd. We provide a good channel mix including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. Drive for exemplary results by leveraging BuzzMeter social media paid advertising services.

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