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UBM Index

Registrations for UBM Index Exhibition

Performance & Engagement

Introduction to the project:


To reach out to the maximum target group, leading to online registrations for the UBM exhibition and encouraging public engagement.



Aiming for a niche target audience from the fields of architecture and interior design, the main challenge was to rightly reach them through social media networking sites and getting them to register online in just 2 months.



Contests were run to generate maximum engagement. 3 contests- Trivia, Facebook App contest, offline selfie contest: helped in reaching through to the target group effectively. Influencer marketing scored us a good number of mentions and retweets. Various hashtags relating to interiors and architecture were made viral. To attract more audience, we also started off with facebook ads. Live video streaming happened on all social media platforms. SEO techniques were used to drive traffic.



• Massive targeted reach with 14.000 facebook page likes in 2 months 

• Increase of fan engagements with over 2,000 online registrations 

• 328 retweets, 102 favorites, 111 followers and 172 mentions on Twitter 

• 4,184 views were recorded on Youtube. 

• Increased traffic upto 8,000 visitors through SEO efforts

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