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Angry birds
Leveraging fanbase: Increase sales
Engagement & Demand Campaign

SERVICES: Demand Generation, Engagement, Reach

Industry: Games, Retail

Strategy, Roadmap, Social Media, Content Development, Demand generation


Leveraging Angry Birds Online fanbase to support their new angry birds trading cards property for Indian Territory and push the fans to online retail and designated touch points. An animated and interactive online game similar to the "Rock Paper Scissors" was designed for players to win IPad’s at certain levels. We raised awareness for the game amongst kids and parents in tandem with all the offline efforts and replicated them online to create holistic experience.

Campaign Results

It was a massive campaign with a challenge to reach the 'audience 13+ and less'. We reached out to the kids and their parents both. The strategy was to engage parents and have them enable kids to play games online. Online and offline competitions were conducted which contributed to the awareness.

-Raised over 20,000 Followers

-2700 Organic landing page leads

- 150% hike in sales then estimated

- 730,000 estimated reach

-Viral hit with FB & TW fans

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