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Fortis Hospital Emergency Number Campaign

Brand recall

Services: Brand recall

Industry: Medical


Introduction to the project:



Make the citizens of Mumbai aware about the Fortis medical emergency number (41114111) in such a way that people recall it in times of need. Also, to increase the medical guide downloads.



Reaching out to such a wide target group, no matter the age and interests in 3 months is a challenge. Once reached, we have to ensure they save or recall the number.



Taking the Google Ad word Display Platform and Mobile banner ads approach, we were able to expand the reach by targeting the audience geographically. Through this banner ads were displayed on various sites like NDTV, Mayoclinic,, WebMD and many more. In order to run this campaign, a micro site was created-, where the banner traffic was redirected to.



  • A boosted reach of 2.7 million audience

  • 45,000 visitors were recorded on the Fortis medical campaign website

  • 150 downloads of the medical emergency guide

  • Brand image developed with Fortis becoming a trusted Mumbai hospital.

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