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Our 12+ years experience b2b lead generation company offers a full-service partnership that handles all the crucial steps in luring and turning prospective clients into a constant stream of high-quality leads. We use funnel-based advertising strategies along with suitable filters and tools to reach out to the target audience and generate leads across the globe. We find the best promotional channels to drive traffic to your landing page to start the process of lead generation.

BuzzMeter lead generation team is fully aware of the value of lead creation. That's why we provide an error-free & successful lead-generating solution.


Our mission is to support your company's development and success by assisting you in converting your prospective consumers into long-term devoted clients.Lead generation is a crucial element of an effective marketing plan. It will generate more sales and income for your company.


BuzzMeter, the most promising lead generation company in Mumbai, is here to promote your brand recognition, encourage consumer loyalty, and increase your repeat business.

What Do We Offer?

Buzz Meter's lead generation team provides services to entice and draw prospective clients to your company. Enthrall your target market and transform them into qualified leads with BuzzMeter's services.


 Amplify your message with our toolkit :

  • Market research and analysis to comprehend your audience.

  • Persuasive messaging to engage and persuade.

  • The execution of targeted marketing campaigns to reach your ideal customers.

  • Different channels include email, search engines, and paid advertising.

  • Being the prime LinkedIn lead generation company in India, our team  offers funnel-based advertising that focuses on prospective consumers throughout their entire customer journey, from initial discovery to final purchase.We provide the best funnel-based advertising in India by enabling marketers to follow the actions and interests of prospective consumers. We make it possible to customize adverts to meet the specific requirements of each buyer, which may improve conversion rates.


It is crucial to produce high-quality leads to increase each lead's chance of becoming a paying client. To continually hone and enhance its strategy, our lead generation team offers lead nurturing, scoring, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Our b2b lead generation company offers a full-service partnership that handles all the crucial steps in luring and turning prospective clients into a constant stream of high-quality leads.

How Do We Do This?

Being the finest social media lead generation company in Mumbai, we believe every client has unique requirements that demand a very personalized touch to solve.


But despite that, there is always a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that roughly outlines the steps our lead generation team follows, which is:

1.Intake and Analysis

Understanding the requirements, objectives, target market, and competitors of the customer is the first stage in the intake and analysis process.

2.Target Audience Definition

Our team identifies and defines the target audience based on the data like demographics, behavior, and interests.

3.Campaign Strategy Development

Creating a marketing plan that includes messages, techniques, and channels to reach the target demographic and produce leads in the next stage.

4.Campaign Execution

Our team then puts the campaign into action by using channels like email, social media, paid advertising, and search engines to connect with the target demographic and produce leads.

5.Lead nurturing

The creation of leads is only the beginning of the lead-generating process. We provide lead nurturing services to maintain the dialogue, foster trust, and raise conversion rates.

6.Lead Scoring and Qualification

Our team provides lead scoring and qualification services to guarantee high-quality leads.

7.Reporting and analytics

Buzz Meter offers frequent reporting and analytics to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts and constantly enhance the campaign.

8.Optimization and Refinement

We thoroughly adjust the campaign to increase performance and provide better outcomes based on the reporting and analytics.

Why Us?

First, you'll collaborate with the finest social media lead generation company. Second, you'll generate high-quality leads with cost-optimized campaigns.


We use state-of-the-art strategies, cutting-edge tactics, and data-driven insights. Our team will put in the endless effort to develop a tailored, result-driven solution that matches your unique objectives and beyond your expectations to increase brand recognition, produce high-quality leads, or drive conversions.


We are proud that BuzzMeter is one of the leading social media lead-generation companies in India. Our unmatched level of service sets us apart from the competition thanks to our track record of achievement and dedication to excellence.


Join us and discover the benefits of working with the top professionals in the field!

Turn Your Potential Customers Into Your Clients With Effective Lead Generation

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