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Reachout to Millenials on Spotify, Saavn or Reach them while playing Subway Surfers.Reach Iphone X users on Flipboard, Android user on OEM Apps, etc..

Buzzmeter offers Programmatic Display, Audio, Video Advertising across all devices with a consistent and personalised experience throughout customer journey for any branding campaigns or direct response campaigns.


We work with the best Ad Exchanges, Networks, DSPS & SSP's alongside our team of experts to execute campaigns with personalised and deep targeting across display banners, video, native and audio.

As an Agency Trading Desk, Buzzmeter works in best interest of our clients and invest their money intelligently to reach the most valuable audiences possible and deliver meaningful ads at an efficient rate. We take a granular approach to optimization and put our clients' money into the areas that will drive the GREATEST IMPACT and Yields Higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


As early adopters of new tools, we are able to drive clients toward innovative solutions for their respective programs. Our programmatic team serves as true a strategic partner to our clients. We not only drive campaign success, but also help brands navigate major industry innovations and trends, so that their digital marketing budget are only used for attributable programs that target real people.

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